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It’s been pretty much established in pop culture and the fashion industry that the Backpack is inherently more practical and its rise can be compared to the rise of other products like athleisure wear or fancy eyewear. As this industry and product category continues to grow, more options, variations, and customizations have continued to come up. One of the best derivatives of the backpack has been the Diaper Backpack. The baby product industry is an approximately 23 billion dollar industry and with 4 million babies born every year in the united states alone. It is a continuously growing industry with new customers on every corner. With statistics like this, one would think it would be next to impossible to find a gap in the market of an unfulfilled need but that’s not the case. The Diaper Backpack has been a game changer. It’s almost like diaper bags had been ignored by product inventors. Perhaps because of how much of a basic need they (diaper bags) are to parents and an item of functionality, no one thought to make them fashionable as well. It’s like they were hiding in plain sight. Diaper bags are carried all day and are always within the line of sight so making the Diaper Backpack fashionable while maintaining functionality is a good and needed move.

Becoming a new mom is a life changing experience but it’s also a sometimes confusing experience. For new moms, just like with every major life change, it can be quite complicated acclimating to the new things and routines. A lot of things do change; you now have an extra human you have to carry around. Every outing that previously involved you stepping out your house while grabbing the keys now involves more planning. You’ll need a stroller, check the car seat, carry all the baby supplies such as baby food and diapers. Second or third-time moms might be used to this and have a routine but dealing with toddlers in addition to a baby is not easier either. It’s no surprise that moms pay little attention to themselves or give too much thought to their fashion. They buy and wear clothes that are most convenient for breastfeeding, running around, bending over etc. For the longest time, the clothes and accessory option for moms have been riddled with the lack of variety or fashionability. Moms needed and wanted a change. Savvy businesses and business people saw this need in the market and stepped up to fill it. Thanks to them lots of women and moms everywhere now have fashionable but functional clothing and accessory options like the Diaper Backpack.

A Closer Look at The Diaper Backpack

Diapers! Diapers!! Diapers!! Who would have thought that handling of diapers could be paired with fashionability? Well, Fawn design did. Their Diaper Backpack is the answer to every moms’ prayer. The Diaper Backpack which comes in both a large size and a mini can be carried as a messenger bag or backpack. It has gold zippers, custom hardware, and a minimalistic aesthetic. The bag has a total of nine pockets which are easy to clean. These pockets and a key chain inside provide the convenience of compartmentalizing different items and keys so they are easy to reach. These bags not only offers comfort and strength but also sophistication and style. Now moms can carry the essentials needed for babies and still look stylish and trendy. The mini sized bags can be carried around by tweens too to help the mom out.  Yes, you can now buy a diaper bag that’s built as a Backpack or a Backpack that’s bopt for this option with excitement. The young parent demographic needs any item that will give the most convenient. Imagine ruining a perfect skinny jean and plaid shirt hipster outfit with an awfully colored granny looking diaper bag.The Diaper Backpack is made with faux leather that is easy to clean and looks really good. Their minimalistic design aesthetic makes these diaper Backpacks easy to match with any outfit. They come in various neutral colors in warm and cool hues for the perfect vibe.


Features: It is important to know the features of any backpack you are purchasing because they go a long way to provide the best functionality. It is important to check the features of the backpack such as the size and ease of access to the compartments, the number of pockets, the way it loads and other specifics depending on the style of backpack you need. This is even more important for parent. The features of a backpack are one of the ways to differentiate their different uses or what they are ideal for. A climbing pack, for example, will have different features from a hiking or biking pack. Having pockets and compartments in essential for convenience. An ideal backpack should have in addition to compartments, a mesh pocket, a pocket made specifically to hold a water bottle and a sleeping bag compartment. It should also have tool loops, easily accessible pockets and gear loops where you can hook on a helmet, ice ax chains etc. The Messenger diaper bag is also a very popular style of diaper bags if not the most popular. The Messenger diaper bag has a glamorous aura about it and a stylish design that hangs over your shoulder, this type of diaper bag looks really slim. It also has the advantage of accessibility. Many parents are choosing this type of bag is that you can retrieve items inside without having to take the bag off. It may be a little bit tricky at first, but you will get used to it in time. A drawback of the messenger bag is that it places a lot of weight on the shoulder and on one side of the body. Be wary of this if you have joint or back problems. The slim design also means less space. Most parents use the messenger diaper bag as a backup or mainly for short trip around town and choose the Diaper Backpack for more long term outings.